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  • The tool is in the form of a branch, 2.4 meters long and 12 cm wide
  • Easy and quick installation (with special glue or nails)
  • Installation even during the operation of the building, without construction
  • High strength, long life and durability
  • Can be installed on all surfaces of plaster, cement, false ceilings and kenaf
  • Ideal for renovating and redecorating
  • Ability to pass construction equipment such as cables, pipes, wires, etc.
  • The ability to illuminate and color extremely fast plastic and acrylic
  • The ability to implement all kinds of halogen systems, hidden light cornice mouding, open kitchen, etc.
  • Highly paintable with all kinds of building colors
  • Resistant to moisture, mold, acid and alkaline environments

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Polyurethane prefabricated cornice tool

Longitudinal tools on top of the corner of the wall, which are installed in the form of semi-round or Gonia simply, with hidden and halogen light in different dimensions and shapes, are called ceiling cornice tools. The appearance of the ceiling and the decorations on it are among the most important things in the design of a space. If it is performed secretly along with the lighting cornice tool, it is called hidden light cornice moulding. ceiling moulding is available in different sizes and designs. which can be performed both traditionally and with prefabricated cornice moulding. Each of which has a different nominal price.

Depending on the type of space design, which can be classic or modern, ceiling moulding can have different designs and dimensions. which includes simple and classic styles. In the simple pre-made cornice , you do not see any designs or patterns, whether flowers, bushes or chains on the instrument. And the use of simple parallel lines is visible. But on the contrary, you will see beautiful and different roles in the classic ceiling moulding.

ceiling moulding has always been an inseparable part of home design. This tool will provide the possibility of using a throat without rabits. Because plastering in a building is expensive and time-consuming.

Decorating the ceiling of the living room, kitchen and bedroom with new and modern products

To decorate the ceiling of the reception, you can use kenaf, false ceiling and pre-made cornice tool of the ceiling. If you are a fan of the ceiling moulding and on the other hand you want this work to be done with high quality and speed and cost-effectively, the polyurethane tool is a good solution that you can easily install on the roof because of its light weight.

In the design of the simple kitchen ceiling, you can first use the kenaf box and then use Dornica’s pre-made polyurethane tool to make it more beautiful.

Another model of the plastering tool for the new bedroom ceiling or rectangular or square reception ceiling plastering is the checkered ceiling moulding model, which can be applied beautifully on plaster or kenaf with Dornica’s polyurethane product.


Polyurethane products

Polyurethane tools replace decorative moulding parts inside the building or decorative cementing on the facade. And they are produced in various designs with different applications as follows:

Polyurethane moulding provides the possibility of creating beautiful decorative and natural effects in modern, classical and neo-classical architectural styles and suitable for any type of taste.


The price and how to install the new ceiling moulding

For information on the prices of new prefabricated ceiling moulding and frames in different styles, please see the following links:

The price of polyurethane mouldings

The price of polyurethane panel mouldings

To learn how to install prefabricated ceiling mouldings, refer to the links below and visit our Instagram to see projects implemented with polyurethane tools and other Dornica Decor products.

Full detailed polyurethane ceiling molding installation tutorial

how to install polyurethane mouldings

how to install polyurethane mouldings


Additional information

Dimensions 240 × 9 × 8 cm


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