• Wall panel corner roses with dimensions of 18 x 18 cm
  • Easy and quick installation (with special glue or nails)
  • Installation with mastic acrylic glue and tipo nails
  • Can be installed on all surfaces of plaster, cement, false ceilings and kenaf
  • Ideal for renovating and redecorating
  • Highly paintable with all kinds of building colors
  • Click here to see the prices of olyurethane wall panel moulding.

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Neoclassical and modern wall moulding

wall design and framing with neoclassical and modern panel moulding is one of the best solutions for beautifying residential, office and commercial spaces. With the installation of modern wall moulding along with the use of paintings, wall paintings, blankets, sheeting and their combination, make your design and space luxurious. Choose your preferred sample and contact our experts to design and install the wall panel mouldings.

Polyurethane wall panel mouldings can be used in all buildings including:

  • Buildings under renovation, reconstruction
  • Buildings with traditional materials or with light and modern materials
  • and especially buildings with modern architectural style.

More ideas and images for neoclassical, classic and modern wall framing design

To see more pictures, to get ideas for the design of the wall framing, bedroom and hallway with wall moulding in different styles (classic, neoclassical and modern), refer to our Pinterest page. For more information on the design of wall framing, read the articles presented in the section below:

Unique wall decoration ideas with framing mouldings

Principles of wall framing in classic, neoclassic and modern styles

Framing the TV wall with polyurethane wall panel mouldings

The role of modern polyurethane mouldings in today’s architecture

Neoclassical wall framing and motifs

For neoclassical and classic wall framing design, use Dornica decor polyurethane decorative elements such as corner roses and crown cornices. For more information, we have provided the following content for you:

Wall Framing – Add style to your interior design.

Classic framing of the living room and bedroom wall

Neoclassical wall framing with Dornica decor polyurethane mouldings

Neoclassical decoration in interior design

The latest bedroom wall panel moulding designs


polyurethane mouldings

Modern decorative mouldings of the wall replaces the decorative plastering parts of the interior of the building or decorative cementing on the facade, and they are produced in a variety of designs with different applications as follows:

Dornica products provides the possibility of creating beautiful decorative and completely “natural” designs and effects in modern, classical and neo-classical architectural styles and suitable for any type of taste.

The price and how to install the modern wall panel mouldings

Follow the links to know the price of polyurethane decorative mouldings and the price of wall framing with polyurethane panel moldings from Dornica Decor and to learn how to install decorative mouldings and to learn how to install polyurethane architectural mouldings.

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Application of neoclassical and modern wall panel moulding

  • Modern wall panel moulding of the leaving room
  • polyurethane wall panel moulding of residential spaces
  • polyurethane wall panel moulding of showroom
  • polyurethane wall panel moulding of office and commercial spaces
  • polyurethane wall panel moulding of lobby
  • polyurethane wall panel moulding of residential spaces – reception, dining room, bedroom, TV room
  • Boutique neoclassical framing

Additional information

Dimensions 18 × 2.2 × 18 cm


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