Principles of wall framing in classic, neoclassic and modern styles

Framing the wall has been customary since the past until now, in the past this work was done by hand, and now with the development of the construction industry, you can use polyurethane mouldings.
Now you have many questions about this product? Among other things, what framing design is suitable for reception only? How to make the wall of the TV room stylish and special with polyurethane mouldings. In this article, we examine the types of wall framing in different styles to see which one is more suitable for your home.

Principles of wall framing :

There are three types of wall framing, and in this article we will discuss the principles of wall framing in these styles.

  1. Classic wall framing
  2. Neoclassical wall framing
  3. Modern wall framing
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1- Principles of classical wall framing

If you are a fan of tools with delicate and colorful details and golden colors, the classic framing style will be the best choice. Pay attention to these photos; Classic furniture next to classic stucco gives a very beautiful look to the house.

قاب بندی کلاسیک
دیوار سبک کلاسیک

2- The principles of neoclassical wall plastering

In the neoclassical or new classic style, simple wall framing is used and we don’t see much news about flower and bush elements. In the neoclassical stucco in the reception, you can use simple and beautiful frames, which can be done in double or two rows inside each other. To paint this wall design, you can use gray white colors or even special colors such as deep green, oil blue.

One of the most attractive types of bedroom wall framing is neoclassical stucco, which is executed using simple frames, and usually framing is done on the wall that is placed at the head of the throne.
Today, this style with polyurethane mouldings in dornica decor is very popular with customers. If you want to have a special design for your home, benefit from the guidance of Dornica Decor experts.

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گچبری تئوکلاسیک
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قاب بندی مدرن درنیکا دکور

3- Principles of modern wall framing

The modern world has been able to attract many fans with its minimal and simple charms. Having many ideas for interior decoration enthusiasts, Dornica Decor is a leader in the implementation of modern wall framing in Iran.

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