Modern wall moulding

The role of modern polyurethane mouldings in today’s architecture

There are no more flowers, motifs and crowns in modern mouldings of walls and ceilings. This style is known for its simple designs and lines. In modern style moulding, they usually only use straight lines and right angles or curved lines.

Unlike the plastering that was performed in the previous two or three decades and usually had only a decorative aspect for the ceiling, in the modern style, more efficiency is expected from the ceiling plastering. The elements and decorations that are used can be a good cover for spaces that we tend to hide. On the other hand, using plastering along with skillful lighting makes the work look twice as beautiful.

In the past, plastering was performed only for the living room and on the ceiling. Perhaps the high cost and time-consuming implementation were important reasons for this. On the other hand, the busy patterns and patterns of traditional stucco were not suitable for bedrooms and other areas of the house, and therefore we rarely saw it in the rooms.

But today, we see a lot of suitable plastering in bedrooms and other parts of the house. This is another advantage of the modern stucco style and the use of technology to implement it.

Plastering is done manually and prefabricated. In the second method, as its name suggests, the prefabricated parts are ready and have a very high variety. Designers or business owners can select the desired size and model according to the place where the piece is to be placed and then install it.

Modern reception wall design

To design the wall of the living room, you can use plastering, patina work, wallpaper, PVC wall covering and decorative mirror. The choice of any of these depends on the following:

  • Interior design of living room decoration
  • The area of the reception room
  • The degree of lighting in the living room
  • Design style and employer’s opinion

Plastering is one of the oldest and most popular ways to cover the living room wall.

Since wall plastering is considered an artistic work, if it is done traditionally and by hand, it needs a lot of time to perform. But polyurethane moulding with quick installation will be a suitable alternative. Usually, in the design of the wall of the living room, frame plaster is used along with patina work, velvet paint or wall paper.

Today, the plastering of the living room wall along with the traditional mirror work has given its place to a decorative mirror with a variety of rhombus and square designs or special designs in a variety of white and bronze colors. Using a decorative mirror in the living room wall decoration can make the living room look bigger and brighter.

Framing and wallpaper

Using wallpaper is also one of the most popular choices for the living room wall. With the advancement of construction industry technology, types of washable wallpaper (waterproof) and prominent designs are becoming more popular among interior designers. In modern interior design, all the walls of the living room are usually not decorated with the same type of wallpaper. Rather, by observing the principles of decoration design and aesthetics of some walls that are in the focus of people’s attention, such as:

  • The wall behind the TV (so-called TV set)
  • The entrance wall of the living room

They are wallpapered and the rest of the walls are usually painted white. Also, the lighting of the living room wall, especially on wallpaper and PVC wall covering, doubles the beauty of the living room wall.

In today’s modern architecture by combining modern architectural tools with classic design style, such as:

  • Wall framing
  • Frame around the wallpaper
  • The frame around the decorative mirror or decorative mirror
  • Especially the reception wall framing

It has been welcomed by architects and designers. In the photo below, you can see the use of wall frame plastering tools in modern design. Dornica Decor’s framing plaster tool is a very simple and easy way to implement such ideas. Click here to see more ideas about modern moulding.

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Living room ceiling design

According to things like:

  • Interior design of living room decoration
  • The height of the ceiling from the floor of the reception room
  • Optimal lighting for the comfort of residents
  • Dimensions of the reception area

You can use plaster and hidden light, Kenaf false ceiling and elastic ceiling. Plastering and hidden light are usually used in luxury decoration design.

Naturally, the more complex and detailed the stucco design is, the higher the cost and duration of its manual and traditional execution. Rabbits work for plastering in a building is not only expensive but also time-consuming. It is an alternative and appropriate solution. polyurethane mouldings You can download the catalog from here.

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Roof ceiling for the ceiling of the living room because:

  • Being less expensive
  • and execution speed
گچبری پیش ساخته پلی یورتان

They are mostly used in smaller houses where the owners don’t want to spend a lot of money on decorating the ceiling of the living room.

cornice moulding of the ceiling has always been an integral part in the design of the home space. Ceiling hidden light models that can be implemented with a hidden light cornice and can be easily implemented with a polyurethane hidden light ceiling cornice This tool will provide the possibility of using a cornice without rabbits. Because working with Rabbits to plaster the building is expensive and time-consuming. In the photo below, you can see an example of a modern cornice moulding.

The use of prefabricated polyurethane cornice tools in modern architecture

The price of plastering the reception ceiling will be very economical and economical with the use of polyurethane prefabricated plastering tools. At the same time, you will have a modern moulding.

جدیدترین گچبری سقف پذیرایی

Bedroom ceiling

The proper design of the ceiling for the bedroom should be in harmony with the overall decoration of the house. So that if the modern design is used for the reception, the bedroom should also be done in a modern way. Today, the use of ceiling kenaf and hidden light is the most popular type of ceiling. But it is important to pay attention to the fact that in terms of aesthetics, Konaf roof has a lower value than plaster. As a result, the appropriate decoration design method should be chosen relative to the overall value of the building.

In choosing plastering for the ceiling of the bedroom, you can use from a simple design to the most complex and decorative type of plastering and patina work. According to the budget and the interior designer’s opinion, the best structural roof system can be chosen.

The prefabricated decorative polyurethane tool provides the possibility of creating beautiful decorative and completely “natural” designs and effects in modern architectural styles and suitable for any type of taste for the modern design of the ceiling of the reception room and rooms, and it includes various components:

  • All kinds of cornice product, hidden light
  • ceiling framing
  • Flowers and beautiful ceiling domes
  • decorative pieces, etc

Advantages of modern polyurethane moulding tools

For the modern design of the ceiling, the best option is to use Dornica Decor’s polyurethanemoulding product, which has the following advantages:

  • Presentation in various designs
  • Great ease and speed in installation, easy and fast cutting and installation (with special glue or nails)
  • Ability to pass construction equipment such as cables, pipes, wires, etc.
  • No cracks, no seams, no oxidation
  • The ability to illuminate and color extremely fast plastic and acrylic
  • Installation even during the operation of the building
  • No penetration of moisture and any insects
  • The ability to implement all kinds of hidden light halogen systems, cornice, open kitchen and…
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • High strength, long life and durability
  • Can be installed on plaster, cement, stone, tile, metal, wood, cabinet, furniture, false ceilings, etc. surfaces.
  • Ideal for renovating and redecorating
  • High colorability with a variety of building colors and the ability to patina work
  • Resistant to moisture, mold, acid and alkaline environments

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