how to install polyurethane mouldings

In the opposite picture, the method of installing polyurethane moulding products is depicted. To install the polyurethane product, first, the position of the tool installation on the wall, ceiling, etc. must be drawn. For example, in the case of framing on the wall, first the square of the frame is defined and then the lines of the frame are drawn on the wall.

In the next step, the polyurethane products is cut according to the required size and angles. A hand saw can also be used for this purpose. After cutting the tool, its back is glued with special acrylic glue. Then the tool dipped in glue is carefully placed in the marked area. The purpose of nailing is to keep the tool until the glue dries. No need to use a lot of nails.

Finally, the seams and the back of the tool are filled with glue. Polyurethane decorative products have high color-ability with a variety of construction colors and patina work ability. Therefore, beautiful designs can be created by painting and patina tools. Follow us on Instagram to see samples of dornica Decor’s work.

To get to know the complete details of cutting and installing polyurethane moulding products, sealing, painting, gold leaf and patina, click here.

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Photo and video of the method of installing polyurethane moulding products to the ceiling and wall and how to cut the tool

For more information and training on how to install polyurethane moulding products with acrylic mastic glue, click on the images below, along with a plaster sample photo, a video of cornice moulding on the ceiling and wall, and how to cut polyurethane products:

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