how to install polyurethane mouldings

Installing polyurethane moulding is very simple. Installing this product is one of the appropriate solutions that has replaced manual plastering and traditional plastering. The use of plastering tools is very common in classical, neoclassical and modern design. In this article, we discuss how to install polyurethane moulding products . Installing the tool includes the following:

  • Installation of cornice moulding on the ceiling and wall, installation of panel framing on the wall
  • How to install a simple ceiling or patterned cornice
  • How to perform the hidden light cornice

Installation of cornice moulding to the ceiling and wall, installation of panel framing on the wall

The pictures below show how to install polyurethane decorative products on the ceiling and wall. For installation, the installation position of the tool on the wall, ceiling, etc. must be drawn first. For example, in the case of framing on the wall, first the square of the frame is defined and then the lines of the frame are drawn on the wall. Based on this, the exact dimensions and length required for plastering tools are measured.

In the next step, the polyurethane products is cut according to the required size and angles. A hand saw can also be used for this purpose. For easy and accurate cutting of polyurethane product, the use of miter saw is recommended. In the photo below, you can see the image of the miter saw the executive team of Dornica Decor.

After cutting the tool, its back is glued with special acrylic glue. Then, the tool dipped in glue is carefully placed and glued in the marked area. The purpose of nailing is to keep the tool until the glue dries. No need to use a lot of nails. Finally, the joints and the back of the tool are filled with acrylic mastic glue, which is also a type of sealant paste.

Cut polyurethane moulding

The polyurethane moulding is in the form of a branch 2.4 meters long. Therefore, to install panel moulding, it must first be cut according to the dimensions of the frames on the wall or the length of the cornice. This work, which requires very high precision, is done by the miter saw . In simple framing, the tool for connecting in the corners is cut at an angle of 45 degrees.

The miter saw is the device used in the implementation of the tool. Miter saw is available in two models, manual and electric, and it is used for cutting and joining Persian.

Persian connection means creating a cut where two members form an angle to each other. This connection is usually 45 degrees and the two members are perpendicular to each other. miter saw creates the possibility of precise cutting with special angles and very high speed. There is a grading system on this machine, which makes it possible to make oblique, vertical, horizontal, Persian and combined cuts.

دستگاه برش ابزار پلی یورتان
فارسی بر

The diameter of the blade is one of the factors that plays a significant role in the cutting accuracy of this tool. In order to be able to make a correct cut, first make the desired piece and place the blade of the tool on its outer edge, and then place the blade on the part you marked. At this time, you may be short, and to solve this problem, you should do the cutting process in two steps. In the first step, he cut his piece longer than the desired size and then in the next step he corrected it. Obviously, in order to cut correctly, the blade must be proportional to the width of the tool (for cutting tools such as classic cornice cutters, you must choose the right blade).

برش ابزار پیش ساخته پلی یورتان
برش گچبری پیش ساخته پلی یورتان

Installing the polyurethane moulding on the wall and ceiling and fixing it

After the cutting operation, the back of the tool is coated with a special adhesive, acrylic mastic or polyurethane sealant. Mastic acrylic sealant paste is a one-component acrylic-based sealant whose adhesion and elasticity have been improved by adding a suitable amount of silicone emulsion. Acrylic mastic sealant is prepared by Dornica Decor Company from the best brands in Turkey and sent to respected customers along with tools.

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نحوه چسباندن گچبری پیش ساخته
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Filling the seams

It is obvious that according to miter saw , taking out the tools for the exact dimensions of each wall and placing them next to each other, millimeter seams are sometimes visible at the joint. Therefore, filling these seams and around the tool is one of the important stages of the implementation of polyurethane moulding The best way to fill the joints is to use the white mastic acrylic sealant prepared by Dornica Decor, which has the following advantages:

  • Ability to paint sealed surfaces with various building paints
  • Ability to dry at normal temperature
  • No smell and easy to clean
  • Waterproof after drying
  • Resistant to climate change
  • Can be used on all porous surfaces such as: Plaster, brick, concrete, wood, etc
  • very easy to use (sealant paste in a cylindrical cartridge)

Filling the seams is one of the most important steps of tool installation, which should be done by the tool installer or painter. Mastic putty can also be used to fill the seam where the tool is cut, but the use of acrylic mastic sealant is emphasized. Because it is easy to use and easy to clean.

طریقه نصب گچبری پیش ساخته
رنگ آمیزی گچبری

Painting, patina or gold leaf

Now, after completing the above steps, you can paint, patina, wall paper, etc., and radiate lasting beauty and peace from the unique space created. To see a sample of the project implemented by the executive team of Dornika Decor, visit our Pinterest page.

ورق طلا ابزار پیش ساخته پلی یورتان
ورق طلا ابزار پلی یورتان

Polyurethane decorative products have high color-ability with a variety of construction colors and patina work ability. Therefore, beautiful designs can be created by painting and patina tools. After installing the tools, paint them with a variety of construction colors. Cover the beautiful moulding with gold leaf or patina and enjoy a beautiful space.

گچبری پیش ساخته پلی یورتان پتینه کاری ساختمان
قاب بندی دیوار سالن پذیرایی

The price and method of installing polyurethane mouldings

To know about the price range of the tool Polyurethane moulding and wall framing in different styles, see the following links: The price of polyurethane mouldings The price of polyurethane panel mouldings To learn how to install polyurethane mouldings refer to the following links: how to install polyurethane mouldings how to install polyurethane mouldings Visit our Instagram to see the projects implemented with polyurethane products and other Dornica Decor products. Visit our Instagram.

The stages of designing and installing prefabricated polyurethane moulding in brief

  1. Measuring the desired spaces and estimating the approximate area
  2. Examining and choosing the design according to the use and size of the spaces
  3. Selection of products according to the design and the width of the products
  4. Preparation of the final design plan with exact dimensions and schematic placement of products
  5. Determining the occupied environment of the tools on the selected space by drawing
  6. miter saw removal of tools with the exact size and angle determined
  7. Dip the back of the tools with mastic acrylic glue
  8. The placement of tools is specified on the lines
  9. Fixing the position of each tool with a certain distance by tipo nails
  10. Sealing millimeter distances between tools with acrylic mastic sealing paste
  11. Cleaning the additions of sealing paste from the environment of the tools
  12. Painting operations, patina, gold leaf

A tutorial on how to install prefab cornice with full details

In this video, the method of installing the prefabricated polyurethane cornice products is fully explained.

By watching this video, you will learn how to install the polyurethane cornice products well. And you can easily install the cornice products made of polyurethane by yourself.
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