Simple and stylish TV wall – TV wall framing with polyurethane products

The TV wall or the wall behind the TV plays a prominent role in homes today. Perhaps one of the most important reasons for turning to installing a TV on the wall is the use of flat LED and LCD TVs. Although the lack of space in some homes has also become a reason for the TV wall to be more popular.
The wall behind the TV
It is one of the most important walls in every space and every house, which should be somewhat out of simplicity in accordance with the space. Today, there are many ideas and designs that can be implemented for the decoration behind the TV.

What is the material of the wall behind the TV?

Different materials are suggested for making TV walls. For this purpose, you can use boxes made by Knauf or MDF. Kenaf is a flexible and dynamic material for use on the TV wall. You can also use wooden logs, which are polyesterized. Wood conveys the feeling of nature and freshness while watching TV. Another material used in the TV wall is a variety of polyurethane mouldings, which has recently emerged as the dominant material in the market for the design and implementation of the TV wall. Stones, all kinds of decorative bricks and wall coverings with stone designs are also used.

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Important points of TV wall design:

There are various criteria in the design of the TV wall, which will give you a better result if you pay attention to it. In addition to the wall, these tips also depend on the environment around the TV. Among the most important of these factors, the following can be mentioned:

The location of the TV

The TV wall can be built in the TV room. Of course, in large or small houses, a part of the reception can be dedicated to the TV wall. Obviously, the bigger the living room, the more open your hand is for changes and using different elements.

The right viewing angle for the TV

Using ergonomic principles and placing the TV on the TV wall should be in a way that puts the least amount of pressure on people while watching TV. Adjust the appropriate height so that when you stand in front of the TV, your eyes are level with it and your line of sight is in line with the center of the screen.

The seating arrangement around the TV wall

Regarding this point, we must remember that because the TV wall is placed in the private part and living room of the house, it is better to use comfortable furniture. If this furniture is arranged in an L shape, it will cause little disturbance and people can have a good view of the TV with the least amount of head rotation. Another important point is not to place the TV wall next to the window or in front of it. In general, the angle of the TV wall should be chosen so that there is no light source in front of it or on the sides.

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TV wall design ideas

Different ideas can be used in every part of home interior design, including TV wall. These ideas in combination with different styles of architecture, arrangement and different materials can have a more beautiful and complete result. Now we will review different ideas in the design of the TV wall.

The design of the wall behind the TV with stone

Stone and stone design wall coverings are one of the materials that can be used to make the wall behind the TV look simple. These stones are produced in various designs and models that you can choose according to the size of the wall you are considering.

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Use of color

Televisions generally look good against neutral wall shades such as white, off-white, and gray. If you want to camouflage your screen a bit, you might choose a dark color like black or surround your TV with a gallery wall in vibrant colors to blend in.

TV wall gallery

Using a panel around the TV is one of the ideas that everyone may not like because it affects the decor of the TV too much. But you can make the decor behind the TV special and different by controlling the panels according to your personal taste.

Using flowers and plants around the TV wall

If you are interested in nature-friendly styles, don’t forget the option of using flowers and plants. This item can add a lot of freshness to your mood while watching TV and relieve your tiredness. To convey the feeling of nature better, you can use stone and wood in the design of the TV wall.

Use of shelving

Sometimes we may want to make the area around the TV appear more crowded than the other walls, and in this way we can show its importance. Using all kinds of shelves and shelves, either wall or stand, can make the space of the TV out of simplicity.

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Using prefabricated polyurethane tools on the wall behind the TV

Wall framing is one of the methods of designing and beautifying the TV wall, using this technique makes it possible to use other decorative objects such as painting, mirror work, wall painting, patina work or even wallpaper, if you want to use it. The work will be more luxurious and impressive.

One of the best methods of framing is to use a polyurethane moulding, which has received the attention and approval of most designers and manufacturers due to its unique features. Due to the wide variety in size, design and width, polyurethane products have the ability to adapt to your space, which is modern, classic, etc. depending on the choice of the employer.

For example, for modern wall-mounted TVs, frames with straight and straight lines are mostly used. The use of crowns, decorative motifs and corner flowers are not useful. In fact, the frames are designed in a simple way without any decorative tools. The modern TV wall will have a minimal and unique beauty at the same time.

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Among other styles, which has found more fans than other styles these days, is the neo-classic TV wall. The simplest definition that can be considered to better understand this type of style is creating a noticeable change in the design, but simple and pleasant. And finally, the design is flexible. Given that in the classic style of the types Gorgeous flowers and motifs It is used in the neoclassical style, by removing these types of flowers and using simpler corner flowers, it can be claimed that this style will be more economical than the classic TV wall and at the same time it will have modern simplicity. According to the advantages of polyurethane mouldings , with minimal cost and time, a fundamental change can be made in the TV wall.

Classic TV wall has been common for all kinds of spaces from the past until now. In this type of design, considering the conditions of the TV wall environment, it is recommended to choose the appropriate width of the tool, decorative elements and finally choose the right color. The classic TV wall is a perfect example of an accent wall, which was discussed earlier, in order to use more decorative elements. Keep in mind that polyurethane mouldings are the most appropriate and cost-effective choice among the available materials to create a unique wall-mounted TV. Darnika Decor team is with you on the path of selecting the design to the implementation of polyurethane products. To see the latest samples of executed works Click here.

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